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Difficulty level – Experienced – see techniques used

X-Small • Small • Medium • Large • X-Large • XX-Large • XXX-Large

The Catwalk Jacket is my version of the iconic jacket created by Coco Chanel. It is knitted with a woven knit-technique using slip stitches (make sure you follow the instructions), the edges are crocheted, and it has false pockets and fine detailing on the cuff. It has a fine silk ribbon on the inside of the black edges (handstitched on) which gives structure to the edges. It has hidden buttonholes in order for it to work both open and buttoned up.

The Catwalk Jacket is knitted with one strand Rowan Soft Bouclé – which is a really soft and luxurious yarn. It also has glitter galore (three strands Madeira Lamé).

In the picture: Knitted in white with stripes of gold and soft pink. The edges are black. The buttons are mother of pearl with a gold edge.

The Catwalk Jacket is beautiful in any number of colour combinations. The jacket does not require much finishing, but it does take some sewing to hand stitch on the silk ribbon. It is knitted from the bottom up. Once the sleeves are added to the body, you can finish knitting up to the collar.

Difficulty level – Experienced – see techniques used

X-Small - Small - Medium - Large - X-Large - XX-Large - XXX-Large

Chest width (measured flat):
90 cm - 95 cm - 100 cm - 105 cm - 110 cm - 115 cm - 120 cm

Body length (collar to hem)
54 cm - 54 cm - 54 cm - 58 cm - 58 cm - 58 cm - 58 cm

Usage of yarn:
Rowan Soft Bouclé á 50 gr / 100 m:
Base colour A: 4 balls - 4 balls - 4 balls - 5 balls  - 5 balls  - 6 balls - 6 balls
Stribe color B: 2 balls - 2 balls - 3 balls - 3 balls - 4 balls - 4 balls - 4 balls
Edge colour C: 1 ball - 1 ball - 2 balls - 2 balls - 2 balls - 2 balls - 2 balls

Glitter: Madeira Lamé á 25 gr / ca 175 m:
3 balls - 3 balls - 3 balls - 3 balls - 6 balls - 6 balls - 6 balls

Silk ribbon 2,5 cm: 3,2 m - 3,2 m - 3,2 m - 3,5 m - 3,5 m - 4,0 m - 4,0 m
20 or 22 mm buttons: 6 - 6 - 6 - 7 - 7 - 8 - 8
15 mm knapper - all sizes: 8

If you wish for the jacket to be a little longer, you may need more yarn...

Slips stitch pattern on 6.0 mm needles: 13 stitches = 10 cm

Recommended needles
I recommend that you knit a swatch before starting your project. If your square is not measuring to gauge: go up a needle size if you knit too tightly and down a needle size if you knit too loosely.

Note, the sleeves are knit using the Magic-Loop technique; the rest is knitted back and forth. I recommend using circular needles.

Circular needles 6,0 mm 80 cm
1 double pointed needle 6,0 mm (for knitting together at the shoulder) • Crochet hook: 4,0 mm
Crochet hook: 2,0 mm

2 stitch markers
1 long stitch wire
1 tapestry needle
1 regular needle for sewing
Sewing thread matching the silk ribbon

Techniques used
I recommend searching for tutorials on YouTube if you are unfamiliar with any of the techniques below:
Normal cast on
Kitchener stitch or knitting together using three needle
Slip stitch knitting
Knit through the back loop
Slip stitch
Knit two together (k2tog)/Knit two together through the back loop (k2tog tbl)
German Short Rows
Magic-loop (sleeves)
Crochet vertical and horizontal strips along the edge / hem
Crochet slip stitch
Crochet single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) stitch
Ribbon is attached using overcasting stitch
Grafting (for underarm and shoulder cap)

The Catwalk Jacket is knitted back and forth from the bottom up. The sleeves are knitted back and forth (cuff) and joined. From this point they are knitted in the round using the magic loop technique until the arm pit. Join the sleeves to the body and knit back and forth. For the shoulders to fit nicely, they are finished with German short rows before the front and back pieces of the yoke are joined along the shoulder seam using Kitchener stitch (or three-needled cast off). A few stitches need grafting under the arm and at the cap of the sleeve.

The edges are crocheted, buttons added and on the back of the crocheted edges a fine silk ribbon is added using an overcasting stitch. Glitter edges are crocheted on.

Please do share pictures of your knitting progress as well as the finished product on Instagram:

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