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Small • Medium • Large • X-Large

Sophistica is a very feminine long-sleeved sweater with puffy sleeves and amazing-looking braids at the edges. Very sophisticated but with a fluffy look at the same time - guaranteed to add the last touch to your styling.

The fit is perfect - edges are tight and keep the sleeves in place to give them the perfect puffy effect. The hem at the body is looser and the same with the neckline - you can adjust how closely fit you want it. The perfect sweater to style with jeans, leather pants or a skirt.

Knitted from the bottom up with one thread of Tweed by Isager Yarn and one thread of Silk Mohair by Isager Yarn on needles 4 mm. The sleeves are knitted and joined with the body and the rest of the sweater is finished including the puffy detail on the sleeves. The shoulder stitches slope and the stitches are knit together which gives it an almost invisible shoulder seam.

The edges are knit with two threads of Tweed by Isager Yarn held together with two threads of Silk Mohair by Isager Yarn on needles 6 mm - and along both sides of the edges an I-cord edge is knitted with three threads of Silk Mohair by Isager Yarn. The neck is however knit with one thread of each and two threads of Silk Mohair for the I-cord. The edges are either sewed or crocheted on the body and sleeves.

Intermediate (Puffy sleeves and braids)

Measurements & materials for Sophistica
Measurements for the blouse are guidelines. The blouse has a tight fit around the wrist. The edge at the body and the neckline can be adjusted to give a tighter or looser look than the one in the pattern. The body and sleeves are looser (not oversize) - the section with mohair will however loosen with wear with approx. 1-3 cm.

Small • Medium • Large • X-Large

Bust circumference
94 cm • 99 cm • 106 cm • 113 cm

Full length
48 cm • 48 cm • 53 cm • 56 cm

Length from armhole and down
32 cm • 32 cm • 33 cm • 35 cm

Sleeve length from armhole
45 cm • 46 cm • 47 cm • 48 cm

Isager Silk Mohair á 25 gr / 212 m:
175 gr • 175 gr • 175 gr • 200 gr

Isager Tweed á 50 gr / 200 m:
300 gr • 300 gr • 300 gr • 350 gr

One thread of Silk Mohair by Isager Yarn held together with one thread of Tweed by Isager Yarn on 4,0 mm needles. 19 sts x 26-27 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

I recommend knitting a swatch before beginning the project to check if the recommended needle size gives you the correct gauge. If you knit too tight try a larger needle and on the other hand, if you knit too loose try a smaller size.

  • Circular needles: 4 mm - 80 cm
    Circular needles: 6 mm - 60 cm or double-pointed needles will also work for the braided edges.
  • Extra circular needles: 4 mm for the joining pieces at the shoulder seam.
  • Cable needle 4 mm (can also be used for the braided neckline)

Other: 4 markers (1 in a different color to mark beginning of round)

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