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Add Some Stardust is an ULTRA-LUXURIOUS and very feminine top / slipover with a touch of raw elegance. It can be styled with everything and is perfect year-round. Either alone or i.e. over a blouse. It has a very flattering shape, covers the bra perfectly and enhances all the feminine shapes. The combination of glitter and hand-dyed mohair is just WOW – no matter your age or body type.

The model is knit in Mira from Fredsminde Unika Design on 3 mm circular needles, but you can easily replace this with silk mohair from other producers – as long as you keep the tension. The glitter edges are knit with Madeira Lamé on 2.5 mm circular needles in twisted rib. Hand dyed yarn gives a stunning effect and a feeling of sumptuousness – both while you knit, but also when the top is finished.

It is knit from the bottom up with German Short Rows at the shoulder, and the shoulder stitches are knit together with back and front sections. Only minimal finishing required: sleeve edges are folded and sewn, and ends are woven in.

The pattern is written without abbreviations and along the way there are suggestions of how it can be easier to knit if you are a relative beginner.

Difficulty Level
Experienced to Difficult – level of difficulty until the button band and the collar is medium and requires some experience. The button band and the collar are for the experienced knitter.

Measurements & Materials for Add Some Stardust
The measurements for the top are guiding only. The top will expand about one centimetre in use and it has a relatively tight fit. If you normally use a size medium, I recommend that you knit a medium too – unless you want more freedom of movement.

Silk Mohair:
You can easily knit with another thin mohair yarn – as long as you keep the tension.

I recommend that you knit with Madeira Lamé or another equally soft glitter yarn.

XX-Small • X-Small • Small • Medium • Large • X-Large • XX-Large • XXX-Large

Chest width Top:
85 cm • 90 cm • 95 cm • 100 cm • 105 cm • 110 cm • 115 cm • 120 cm

Madeira Lamé 25 gram/175 m
50 gr • 50 gr • 50 gr • 50 gr • 50 gr  • 75 gr  • 75 gr • 75 gr

20 grams mini-skeins (175 m) - Mira from Fredsminde Unika Design
45 gr • 45 gr • 50 gr • 50 gr • 65 gr • 65-70 gr • 75-85 gr • 90-100 gr

50 grams skeins (420 m) - Mira from Fredsminde Unika Design

50 gr • 50 gr • 50 gr • 50 gr • 100 gr • 100 gr • 100 gr • 150 gr

Glitter edges:
38 stitches on 2.0 mm needles and with twisted rib (knit through the back loop) = ca. 10 cm. Important: the glitter edges are very elastic and will expand with the body, so the tension does not say anything about the fit.

With Mohair:
25 stitches x 34 rows = 10 x 10 cm in stockinette with 1 thread Mohair on 3.0 mm circular needles.

Recommended Needles
I recommend that you knit a swatch before starting your project.  If your square is not measuring to gauge: go up a needle size if you knit too tightly and down a needle size if you knit too loosely.

  • 0 mm circular needles – 40 cm for glitter edges and neckline
  • 0 mm circular needles – 60 cm for body and yoke (here I recommend Prym’s ergonomic needles)
  • 3 x 2.0 mm needles for the button band, such as double pointed needles
  • 1 extra 3.0 mm needle (e.g. double pointed needle) to use for joining the stitches on the shoulder


  • 2 stitch markers (I highly recommend the pear-shaped safety pins in two different colours so you can always see where a new round starts)
  • 1 stitch thread to put the stitches on while they rest
  • 2 bling bling buttons – 15 mm
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