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The pattern is in English 

Small • Medium • Large • X-Large

My Day Party is a very feminine long-sleeved tee with puffed sleeves, fluffy, delicious mohair and of course lots of glitter, and you can style it with anything. My. Day Party has a great fit and the hems on sleeves and body are knit with a weaved knit with glitter yarn (but can of course also be knit with mohair or e.g. held together with a metal thread. The diagonal basket weave stitch gives the blouse a great fit. The hems are tight which gives it the puffed sleeve effect and it really highlights the fluffy look of the mohair. 

The model is worked with Isager Silk Mohair on circular needles size 4 mm, but you can choose silk mohair from any other brand as long as you get gauge. The hems are knit with glitter yarn (for needles size 3,5- 4,0 mm).

My Day Party is worked from the top down. The hem is knitted back and forth on the needle and joined with the body and then knit in the round. The work is divided at the armhole and front and back pieces are knit separately. The sleeves are worked from the bottom up. The hem of the sleeve is worked as on the body. Then the sleeve is joined and knit in the round (with magic-loop or double pointed needles) until the armhole. There is a bit of work joining the pieces because the sleeves are knit separately, but it gives it a beautiful overall impression.

Difficult - for the skilled knitter (diagonal basket weave stitch) 

Small • Medium • Large • X-Large

Measurements and materials for MyDayParty
The measurements for the blouse are guidelines. The blouse has a tight fit around wrist and waist (glitter yarn with basket weave stitch) while the body and sleeves are loose and fluffy (not oversize) - however mohair will stretch approx. 1-3 cm with use.  

Bust circumference:
94 cm  • 99 cm  • 106 cm  • 113 cm

Isager Silk Mohair á 25 gr / ca 212 m:
200 gr  • 200 gr  • 250 gr  • 250 gr

Glitter yarn á 50 gr / ca 120 m - need to fit needle 3,5-4,0 mm
100 gr  • 100 gr  • 150 gr  • 150 gr

I recommend knitting a swatch before beginning the project to check if the
recommended needle size gives you the correct gauge. If you knit to tight try a
larger needle and on the other hand, if you knit too loose try a smaller size.
I recommend Prym’s ergonomic needles.

Circular needles: 4,5 mm - 60 cm for hems with diagonal basket weave stitch (knitted back and forth)

Circular needles: 4,0 mm - 60 cm for sleeves (magic loop), body. Double pointed needles 5,0 mm/Circular needles: 5,0 mm for I-cord neckline

2 markers

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